Open source application development is the process of developing software applications with the help of open source codes. In this process a developer can edit and modify the source code of another developer to build an innovative and creative applications. Normally it reduces the application development time, budget and risk. SA Genext is an open source application development company in India offering open source application development in various platform like Ruby, PHP,HTML5, Joomla, Drupal, word press, CMS and magento from the last six years of its origin. We have highly skilled programmers to cater your business requirement within very short period. Our developers are build up with advanced and latest technology to serve you better through your applications. Open source application development has become more popular because of its high quality service at very low price. More server requirement and expensive license are not required for open source application development. Within very short period developer can execute the task within the budgets. It is very flexible to integrate in any platform and reusable at any moment. It is the process through which developers can modify the code as per the business and personal requirement. One business owner should know the major advantages of open source application development before using the open source platforms like Ruby on Rails, PHP and others.